Connecting new audiences to the outdoors

Unleashing kids in their natural habitat

American children spend three times as many hours in front of screens as they do outside. As the world becomes increasingly disconnected from the great outdoors, we’re working to introduce a new generation to the wonders of the natural world.

400,000 outdoor products

donated to youth-focused nonprofit organizations in the past 5 years

100,000 Kids catch a fish

at OUR events each year - many for the first time

20,000 merit badges

Worked toward BY Scouts in classes hosted at our locations

3.1 million visitors

to Wonders of Wildlife in its first 3 years

1 innovative outdoor learning school

with a complete curriculum rooted in conservation

4,000 annual in-store events

to provide hands-on outdoor skills education to millions of customers

Planting seeds for tomorrow

Supporting hundreds of organizations across North America

Breaking Down Barriers

How do you introduce city kids to nature? Provide them with access and a helping hand. We proudly launched the Outdoor Adventurers youth program across 13 cities in partnership with the National Wildlife Federation and YMCA. Thousands of kids ages 6 – 12 get the chance to participate in outdoor recreation opportunities they might not have the chance to experience such as fishing, hiking, wildlife observation, kayaking, archery, exploration, and more.

Outdoor Days

300,000 kids and families enjoy free Outdoor Days events in locations across North America every summer. Kids from all backgrounds get hands on with outdoor activities including kayaking, fishing, archery, rock climbing, building campfires, and much more.

Gone Fishing: Getting them hooked

Each year we donate thousands of rods and reels to not-for-profit youth organizations that help kids from all backgrounds put down their digital devices and pick up a fishing pole.

Featured Story

Johnny Morris, Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's donating more than 55,000 rods and reels across North America in challenge to get more kids outside